Pro-Socialist, Crony Capitalist Lobbyists are LYING and sending out attack mailers and text messages under the fake name “Palmetto Truth Project” against me and other SC Freedom Caucus members because we voted against millions in wasteful spending in the state budget and opposed a scheme to give $1.3 billion of taxpayer money to an international corporation. The fact these Leftists are spending thousands of dollars to attack me just means I am directly over the target and a threat to their cronyism. I will always fight for conservative values and will not back down!

What I believe.

I believe in South Carolina—in our people, in our values, in our future.

As a state we are experiencing unprecedented growth and opportunity, and the Upstate is leading the way. We need bold conservative leadership in Columbia.

I am a fighter. I made a lot of promises to change Columbia and fight the Good Old Boy system when I knocked on over 4,000 doors in my first election. I have done my best to keep those promises. Last year, 12 other staunch conservative legislators joined me in forming the South Carolina Freedom Caucus. Our vision is simple—fight for our values. Fight for every inch and on every issue. We have far too many timid and unsure politicians, and far too much is at stake. Our Caucus has boldly led the way in opposing corruption, bringing transparency, and advancing conservative values. I was honored to be elected and currently serve as the Chairman of the Freedom Caucus. We are fundamentally changing Columbia, and the best is yet to come.

Chairman, 2022-present

I demand transparency from our government and oppose crony systems designed to control and coerce legislators and hide votes from the public. Earlier this year, I along with 15 other conservative legislators were kicked out of the House Republican Caucus for refusing to sign a “loyalty pledge.” The pledge required us to not campaign against or criticize other “Republican” members for their bad votes or actions or post pictures of the public voting board because it may make other Republicans look badly. I will NEVER sign away my right to call out other legislators for opposing conservative policies or my ability to inform my constituents of what is happening in their House!

I represent YOU—not lobbyists, not party leadership, not unelected special interest. And the truth is some people hate me for it. Already I have been the focus of thousands of dollars worth of attack ads and smear campaigns because I will not bow to the establishment and will always vote my conscience and for my district.

Experience matters. Columbia is in desperate need of representatives with private business experience. Too often politicians spend their lives in government and bureaucracy and fail to understand the crucial concerns of the private sector. I own and run Majesty Music, Inc., a Christian music publishing company and music school in Greenville, SC. I understand how to create jobs, balance budgets and manage employees. As a business owner, I bring an important perspective and experience to the Statehouse.

I am also a licensed attorney with experience in contract and intellectual property law. As your representative, I put my legal skills to use every day enacting conservative legislation and fighting for our values.

I proudly support our police, our veterans, and our teachers. In these uncertain times those who spend their lives serving others deserve respect, support, and appreciation. This year I proposed cutting wasteful spending in the budget (like film subsidies, beach advertising, and adult art classes) and using that money to fully fund law enforcement requests and give teachers a much-needed pay raise. Unfortunately, my proposal was voted down by members who prioritize lobbyists and special interest over their constituents.

I am proudly pro-life. My wife and I are blessed with three adorable children, Ella Marie (5), Hamilton Michael (3), and baby Cato, and this issue is close to our hearts. Our state must protect the life of every person, no matter how small.

I promise that for as long as you chose to send me to Columbia as your representative I will fight for our values and our district.

Thank you for the honor to serve you in the Legislature.