On the Issues


Fighting Corruption

South Carolina is one of the most Conservative States in the U.S. by voting population, but many times those in Columbia mimic left coast liberals when it comes to things like kick-backs, pay-offs, and other forms of government corruption. I am using my legal experience to root out corruption of all types and fight for justice in Columbia.



South Carolina has consistently been ranked among the worst States when it comes to education, yet a recent nationwide study found that South Carolina had the highest average GPA’s in the United States. This is because we have one of the lowest graduation rates (82.6%) in the Country. We must do more to offer better educational alternatives and keep our kids in school to ensure a bright future for the next generation.


Pro-Growth Policies

We need to keep South Carolina open for business. I will use my private sector experience to enact pro-business policies, fight overbearing government regulations, and balance the budget by reining in out-of-control spending.


Police and First Responders

I fully support our police and first responders, and it pains me to see so many in the younger generation openly disrespect our local heroes. I am a strong advocate for our police and first responders in Columbia.

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Term Limits

Unfortunately, the Good Ol’ Boy system is alive and well in our state, and the primary reason is entrenched career politicians who have lost touch with their constituents. Government service should be for a season and should not be a career. I strongly support term limits for both the SC House and SC Senate.


Second Amendment

I proudly support our right to keep and bear arms. The second amendment states that our rights shall not be infringed, and I am fighting to protect this fundamental right here in South Carolina.