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Rabid Leftists in the South Carolina House are LYING and sending out fake text messages claiming that I and other South Carolina Freedom Caucus members voted to give guns to convicted felons because we voted FOR CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY in South Carolina. REJECT the lies of the left and SUPPORT the South Carolina Freedom Caucus, the ONLY true Conservative fighters in the South Carolina State House!

What I believe.

I believe in South Carolina—in our people, in our values, in our future.

As a state we are experiencing unprecedented growth and opportunity, and the Upstate is leading the way. We need bold leadership in Columbia to rein in tax burdens and out-of-control government spending, and to enact much-needed ethics reforms.

Experience matters. Columbia is in desperate need of representatives with private business experience. Too often politicians spend their lives in government and bureaucracy and fail to understand the crucial concerns of the private sector. I own and run Majesty Music, Inc., a Christian music publishing company and music school in Greenville, SC. I understand how to create jobs, balance budgets and manage employees. As a business owner, I bring an important perspective and experience to the Statehouse.

I am also a licensed attorney with experience in contract and intellectual property law. As your representative, I put my legal skills to use every day enacting conservative legislation and fighting for our values.

I proudly support our police, our veterans, and our teachers. In these uncertain times those who spend their lives serving others deserve respect, support, and appreciation.

I am proudly pro-life. My wife and I are blessed with two adorable children, Ella Marie and Hamilton Michael, and this issue is close to our hearts. Our state must protect the life of every person, no matter how small. Columbia is in need of strong Conservative leadership, and I pledge to continue bringing that to our State House.