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Why I am Running

I believe in South Carolina—in our people, in our values, in our future.

As a state we are experiencing unprecedented growth and opportunity, and the Upstate is leading the way. We need bold leadership in Columbia to rein in tax burdens and out-of-control government spending, and to enact much-needed ethics reforms.

I am passionate about education. South Carolinians should not settle for the status quo. We deserve a far better education system than we currently have. Being ranked 50th in the nation is simply unacceptable. We must do better. 

I am proudly pro-life. My wife and I recently welcomed our first child, Ella Marie, to our family, and this issue is close to our hearts. Our state must protect the life of every person, no matter how small.

Columbia is in need of strong Conservative leadership, and I pledge to bring that to our State House.